The Commando is a class in Ace of Spades. He comes equipped with either a minigun or a rocket launcher as a primary weapon, a pistol as a secondary weapon, and either grenades or a snow cannon as a tertiary weapon.

VS. Commando Edit

This can be one of the more difficult battles you can face. If you're using the minigun, try not to waste bullets needlessly spraying them everywhere, or you'll open yourself up for counterattack while you reload. You can use this against him though if he has a minigun, by hopping around and taking cover wherever possible to waste his ammo. Take special note to jump over his head; oftentimes you can surprise your opponent, who may lose track of you and stop attacking.

If the enemy Commando has a rocket launcher, the battle is completely different. His attacks will be much slower, but extremely dangerous, easily killing you with a direct hit. It's crucial to watch where he's firing to try and dodge the rockets, then you can take advantage of a long reload time to counter. Listen for the unique reload sound to know when he's ready to fire again.

If you have a rocket launcher, you'll have to aim towards his feet. While you run the risk of him jumping over your rocket altogether, a miss will still hurt him slightly. Be careful when using the rocket launcher in general, not just against Commandos, because the smoke trail may blind you. Keep moving side to side or jump to be able to get a clearer view; moving forward won't do any good and standing still makes you an easy target.

VS. Marksman Edit

While a Marksman may seen easy enough to kill, given his very low health, he can be very dangerous because your weapons are meant for mid-range combat, while he can easily take you out from a long distance. His speed can make things more difficult for you too, as rockets fired are easily dodgeable. A minigun is the preferred weapon of choice against Marksmen, provided you are capable of keeping up with his high speed and maneuverability. The best way to deal with him is to flank him. This can take a while digging around to reach him, so try to look for alternate paths. Be careful of staying in the open for too long, because it gives him more time to notice you. If you manage to sneak up on an unaware Marksman, you've got a very easy fight. They generally don't move much while sniping, so you can simply take your shovel and beat him to death. Using a minigun here is inadvised, since he will be able to hear the wind-up or be alerted by the slow fire rate on early minigun use and escape or worse yet, fight back. Always be on the lookout for mines, since a competent Marksman will know people will attempt to sneak up on him and place some traps.

If you've reached a Marksman who is aware of your presence, it can be a little tough to pin him down, but a minigun is preferrable to the rocket launcher. Be aware that he will likely try to disorient you by jumping over your head or run for cover. A Marksman in close range can still use his sniper rifle to headshot you, but it will be less likely since it is extremely inaccurate while unscoped and shots can be difficult to aim accurately when scoped at such close range.

It is inadvised to try to snipe a Marksman using your pistol. His rifle is far more accurate and dangerous than a pistol. In closer range battles, only use it if your primary is a rocket launcher or out of ammo.

VS. Rocketeer Edit

This is a very easy battle for you. Your weapons are much stronger and you are much more resilient to damage than a Rocketeer. That being said, you'll have to be careful still. Most Rocketeers will be bringing turrets to try and kill you. If you are unable to kill a Rocketeer before he places down a turret, you'll have to dodge two different attack sources at the same time. Fortunately for you, killing a Rocketeer also destroys his turret. Listen closely for the sound a turret makes; it's similar to a machine humming when idle or three beeps if it detects an enemy.

The minigun again is the preferred choice here. Unless you're lucky enough to catch a Rocketeer off-guard, he can easily dodge your rockets. You generally won't have to worry much about his SMG, as it is very weak with only 15 bullets in the clip. The only advantage the Rocketeer has over you is his ability to fly, giving him even more maneuverability than a Marksman. Once he expends his fuel though, he's little more than a target.

VS. Miner Edit

The Miner can be a major threat to an unprepared Commando. His shotgun, while close range, is extremely powerful, capable of killing you from full health in only a single shot. This can make using the minigun more dangerous to use because of its shorter range. You still have a range advantage, however. Be careful not to let him close the gap or, worse yet, sneak up on you. The worst thing you'll see when fighting is a Miner digging a tunnel around to let his team flank you or destroying your defenses.

If you're carrying the rocket launcher, be sure to keep your distance. Miners are practically harmless at longer ranges, but be warned this also makes it hard to hit him. Meleeing a Miner is a terrible idea, even if you can catch him off guard. He's hardy enough to withstand a few direct melee blows without dying, giving him enough time to one-hit kill you with his shotgun. Finally, listen closely for a rapid beeping noise; if you hear this, there's some TNT about to go off nearby. While easily dodgeable, it's a dangerous attack. Fortunately, it's rarely used as an actual attack because of its very slow speed and low ammo count.

VS. Zombie Edit

It's the zombie apocalypse! Fortunately for you, you're best equipped for the job. A minigun will mow down hordes of them quite easily, especially if you keep aiming for their large heads. A rocket launcher is still a viable weapon choice, but not as good for zombies, since you'll need to hit them at least twice to kill them. The slow fire rate of the rocket launcher will allow a zombie to take cover too, so you may want to switch to your pistol to finish them off.

Zombies only have one attack and they need to be up close in order to use it. Don't let them get the chance; once a zombie is close enough to you, you're not likely to shake it off. Despite being a rotting corpse, they're faster than you by quite a bit. Try to jump over their heads while your minigun starts spinning up to disorientate them long enough to open fire. Listen closely for the groaning sound a zombie makes or its unique digging sound so you know when one's close. Remember that when fighting zombies, you only get one life. If you die for ANY reason, you'll become one of them. For this reason, it's strongly recommended not to hunt them down, but rather to take cover by a health and ammo spawn. It's also strongly recommended to stay with your team and try not to get separated, but be sure to share the supplies! If a teammate goes down, keep your distance and hold your fire, since enemies are temporarily invincible when spawning/respawning. Not only would you be wasting your ammo, but just as easily your life as well.